Yoon Her

Redefining of Space Through Reorganization of Surrounding Programs

The plaza is where interaction between people happens. For that matter, it is important to understand what is happening in the context before providing/designing new space.
  At the rear courtyard of the Santa Caterina Market, what could easily transform the area is its context. As of now, the plaza lacks enough program to support bringing in more pedestrians to occupy the site. As I transform the first floors of adjacent buildings into additional markets, flower shops, and restaurants, I envision they would bring more activity into the site. To satisfy expected demand from new users, I also provide a more park-like environment by adding essential elements such as water, benches, animals, grass, views of the historical excavations underneath, images from Parc Guell and the roof of Santa Caterina Market, and other imagery There are notions of development of a secondary scale with the insertions of a curvy bike rail and a slit on the ground.