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Asian Corbu??

Market Texture: Part 4


More interested in the stray dogs than the actual items on sale. … I really wish I can take him home with me

Market Texture: Part 3


I’m starting to notice that Asia, especially China, is obsessed with brands… to the point that they make replicas. It’s a shame when you can purchase a replica for less than $50, while others purchase the original for hundreds.

the abducted: “ONE DOLLAH-UH!” edition

These kids would not allow me to take a photo of them, unless I gave each of them “One Dolla-uh”. Luckily, one of their team members was walking around and we abducted her! She was not so happy, but her mama was HAHAHA

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Harry Potter’s crib in Saigon

                People in Saigon have a talent for turning the seemingly left-over space into a profitable one.  Every nook and cranny in the city is an opportunity for shop display.

3 foot splendor

                        Too narrow?  Not in China!  

youPhở? Really?? iPhở, too!

The Lost Children

We constantly saw a couple of adorable kids just hanging around these beautiful temples. I was able to socialize and play with these children, until I realized what their sole purpose was… “one dollah-uh”.