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Round 1:


January 26th Presentation:


January 30th Presentation:


Final Round:


UTDT Manifesto
We propose recognize, extract, reinterpret and use some structures of the qualities of La Pampa Argentina in new contexts by updating the original conditions.
In this particular case relate sowing and harvesting wheat, together with the characteristics of the River plain in a new physical, geographical and cultural situation.
We work a landscape which covers hundreds of acres to a much smaller territory scaling problems.
From the morphological qualities produced by local technology we propose a park that keeps present the memory of La Pampa and at the same time allows a new and interactive development with the visitors of the expo.
We use optical fiber to illuminate locally as lights moved with the wind as the plants.
Parts that perform topography edges will be concrete with coverage of copper in their outer edges.

Topography built with concrete with edges of copper
Optical fiber as glowworm moved with the win as the plans

3. Nickname
Pampas Traces

Torcuato Di Tella University
School of architecture and urban studies
Landscape architecture program
Pedagogical Objective
The program focuses on the interaction between landscape, infrastructure and design in the sustainable management practice.
Provides evaluation criteria and specific techniques with special attention in the contemporary debate of analysis and discussion of major interventions in Buenos Aires and abroad.
Promotes the incorporation of vegetation as an instrument of environmental design, and studies the relationships between architecture and landscape through history.
The preservation of natural landscapes, the change in the use of rural and urban soil and the growing demand for tourist developments are the major issues to be studied during our one year Landscape Architecture Program.

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    I will need further understanding of the Xian work. It is very useful information. Is there a next step from this information?

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