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Round 1:


January 26th Presentation:


January 30th Presentation:


Final Round:


Scent Garden delights all the sense while favoring smell:
The customary hierarchy is reversed: smell here reigns supreme

Scent Garden marries nature with artifice:
Digital technology and concentrated plant extracts enhance and complement natural processes and indigenous plants to build and sustain a unique olfactory world.

Smell Garden tells a story:
The olfactory, visual and tactile orchestration of plant material speaks loud and clear about the local cultural and natural history, with a variety of coniferous trees setting the tone. The scent poles complement this statement with a different story and exotic accents: they evoke other locals and plant species in an olfactory map of China.

Scent Garden is spectacular and intimate:
The constellation of glowing scent poles provides for an iconic image that brands the garden as a public space while the nuanced olfactory performance caters for a sheltered and individual experience.

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  1. Posted January 24, 2010 at 7:51 am | Permalink

    How were the circulation routes determined? Is this the product of capturing the mulit sensory experience at the most precise locations?

    Will there be special soil ammendments that make for a successful planting plan?

    Does the water retention in the design reflect topographic features?

    There is a lot of depth to the planting concept. What efforts or applications will be employed in the hardscape? What materials? What methods? What level of sustainability can be reflected in these and how might they relate or connect to the landscape/planting?

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